Record label owner, artist and DJ, Oskido.

He has been doing hits for as long as he can remember. Even when Kwaito lost some of his shine, he still made the music.

He loved the genre so much. After all, he is one of the pioneers of Kwaito in South Africa.

We chat with Kalawa Jazmee label owner Oskido, real name Oscar Mdlongwa. He tells Drum that the evolution of music is beautiful to watch and one to always be a part of.

“Kwaito is the foundation of it all,” he tells us.

The debate over the legitimacy of amapiano has died down and its unique sound is adopted.

Despite being old school, Oskido says he never had a problem with the new sound.

“I have always said that for me, amapiano is kwaito. He transformed with other generations coming to appreciate kwaito. That’s the only difference, it’s consumed by a different generation who gave it a facelift, ”he says.

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The musical maestro has just released an EP called Back to the Future and he is experimenting with the Amapiano sound.

On one of the songs, Banky Banky, he features Nigerian singer Niniola. He’s a banger, says Oskido.

But is this her favorite song on the EP?

“It’s like asking who is your favorite kid? But hey, I like Back to the Future, a more kwaito song, which brings us back to where it all began, ”says Oskido.

On it, he introduces Spikiri, the teacher and Lady Du who is known to effortlessly jump to any piano rhythm.

Because it evolves with the times, Oskido has retained its longevity.

“As an artist you have to have the capacity to change. I work with a lot of young people, they do different things, it’s also good for someone to learn from them and them, from you, ”he adds.

Kalawa Jazmee has been home to many musicians who have been exceptionally successful in the industry. Mafikizolo, Bongo Maffin, DJ Zinhle, Trompies, Zonke and DJ Maphorisa, Busiswah and many more came from it.

He has always mentored and mentored new artists. That, he says, makes what he does so fulfilling.

Oskido says he dreads the idea that his success will be measured by the number of cars he owns, but instead he wishes it was how many people he has helped.

“I believe God brought us into this life for a purpose. So when He gives you the opportunity to help other people, use that opportunity to do so. It creates happiness in me.

“You can be a billionaire and not be happy. For me, if I pick up a person from the street, who does nothing and grows up, he is able to feed his family, it makes my soul happy. This is how I see life, ”he says.

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Due to his rich experience and success in the industry, he is asked a lot of questions, but there is a common one.

“How do you deal with fame? ” they ask.

“I tell them that they must be balanced and humble and that along the way they must not forget those who have helped them to get to where they are.

“Things don’t have to be centered around you, you are not a God. Having glory doesn’t mean you should expect people to glorify you no matter how great you get. That’s when things start to go wrong and make mistakes that will cost you dearly, ”Oskido shares.

Oskido has diversified. It has a restaurant at Waterfall, DarumaByOskido and Oskido Luxury Apartments.

But most of his time is still spent in the studio doing what he loves most. This is not going to change even though there are people who have asked him when he is resigning and retiring.

“Mam ‘Miriam Makeba died on stage, Bra Hugh Masekela was still blowing his trumpet at almost 80 years old. Who the hell is Oskido to leave? I breathe and live music 24/7, music is my life.

“I am finishing my album which I will be releasing at the end of the year,” he adds.

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