Cao Son Nguyen in Singapore 2019

A young boy from Ho Chi Minh City is known to play the piano perfectly, chosen from many competitions. Recently we saw another achievement of getting a top prize in a musical competition.

Nguyen Ngoc Cao Son, as we call him Cao Son Nguyen is a great pianist from a city in Vietnam who has been seen on numerous viral videos on Facebook and YouTube since 2013. He was chosen the best candidate to get the premiere place of Chang Vo Cua Em, The Movie Competition in 2018.

Its price on Instagram in 2018

The song he performed named “Nang Dem” by TRI He also uploaded this video to his YouTube channel and his old Facebook account (which is now disabled by Facebook policy). Recently, he shared this commemorative contest on his FanPage to remind users that he was also a champion of this contest.

Cao Son Nguyen – the video best chosen by the public

Another view of Cao Son Nguyen, he barely shows his face except for some Photoshop photos of him as a musical artist collaborating with a comedy. “We really don’t know why, but sometimes it makes our day. – BO Herald.

Cao Son Nguyen impersonated Twisted Fate.

The CJ Entertainment movie Chang Vo Cua Em was released in August 2018 by director Charlie Nguyen. The story of the film tells the story of an ambitious young woman working in a man’s world who needs a partner who would tidy up and organize her life. Unexpectedly, a stranger at the park may be the perfect man for her.


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