DALLAS – A North Texas-based company, Snipitz, hopes to revolutionize the way we view entertainment on smart devices. Denny Darmo, CEO and Founder of the Content Delivery Interface Platform, told Spectrum News 1 after nearly two years of research and development, his idea to bring a multi-view experience into the palms of users. gain territory.

“If you can imagine it and think about it, you can make it happen,” Darmo said.

Thanks to COVID-19, Darmo’s idea went from a simple thought to reality in a matter of months. After assembling a team from around the world during the pandemic, Darmo and his colleagues began the main mission of creating a web and application platform that allows users to watch entertainment from the point of view of their choice.

“The idea was to be able to generate content through a different video experience in terms of presentation and everything,” Darmo said.

The Snipitz app works by giving content creators like Jeff Crilley, CEO of Real News Public Relations, the ability to give their viewers a multi-camera view of their live podcasts.

“I think people love choices. Having endless choices in the palm of their hand is nirvana,” Crilley said. “I imagine Mark Cuban is going to write this guy a big check.”

The app is currently in beta testing mode, with a release date slated for later this year. Darmo said making his idea a reality meant making big sacrifices to fund his start-up.

Darmo sits in front of a laptop. (Spectrum News 1)

“We had this beautiful house in Georgia and basically moved into a townhouse to cut expenses and really make it a reality,” Darmo said.

The Texas Registry aims to provide viewers with the ultimate remote control experience to watch entertainment from the angle of their choice. Darmo said its app has the ability to be integrated with live broadcasts, as well as social media.

“We don’t know where this app is actually going to end up, we just know that there are some unique features that people are absolutely going to take advantage of,” Darmo said.

To learn more about Snipitz, you can visit the site here: https://www.snipitz.app/

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