Colombo, October 22 ( – Across all demographics and regions, Sri Lankans have a pervasive desire to negotiate and with the introduction of e-commerce the current influencer in online shopping is – discounts.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation around the world and in Sri Lanka, price-conscious consumers are looking to save on everything from branded products to everyday household purchases.

Consumers love a good deal, and there is something uniquely satisfying about not only getting the product they are looking for, but also getting it at an incredible price.

SPLASH is the latest trendsetter and popular entertainment app that caters to the Sri Lankan living space. We chat with Tasneem Turaally (co-founder) to get exclusive information about the purpose of this app:

What is Slash?

Slash is the first purchase of a free experience entertainment app in Sri Lanka. We source Coupons-in-One from lifestyle vendors across Sri Lanka, all available in our app.

We have three plans for users to choose from. Each plan is tailored to different interests, so users have the freedom to choose what works best for them. And of course, we’re big on the savings.

In short, Slash is a coupon app that lets you experiment more while also save more.

We ignite your savings by igniting business


Why did you do Slash?

Fresh out of a long lockdown, we could all take the opportunity to get back to what we love to do. It could be eating a meal at our favorite restaurants, sweating in the gym, relaxing at a resort, or a thousand other things. But there is a catch. Money is tight. We have done Slash because we wanted money to be no longer an obstacle to have a good time.

Slash app. Image credits – Slash

How does Slash work?

We designed the Slash app with convenience in the front and center.

Users download the app, sign up, choose the plan that best fits what they like to do, and you’re done.

From there, users can browse coupons and deals. To redeem a coupon, users simply go to the site and notify staff that they have a Slash coupon. The coupon is used, and just like that, you save money.

Slash app. Image credits – Slash

What can we expect from Slash in the future?

Our team works in partnership with more and more suppliers. The end goal is for every brand of lifestyle and experience in Sri Lanka to be present in the Slash application. When people go out, we want the first question they ask a salesperson to be, “Are you on Slash?” And at the rate we’re going, we’re definitely going to get there.

Whether you’re looking for a cozy cafe for that first date, or a five-star weekend with your friends, or something in between, Slash has you covered.


What makes Slash the best of its kind in Sri Lanka?

Of course, there are coupon apps. But what is it that fixes Slash Miles in Advance is the fact that we primarily focus on One-Time Buy Offers, which are the best kind of deals you can get.

Users of the app actually see how much money they can save with Slash. The current number stands at over Rs. 1 million in savings.

In addition to these massive savings, there is also our network of partners. Over 100 vendors are on Slash as we speak, and new ones are joining all the time. And every time a new supplier joins the list, we add their coupons to our existing users for free. Slash users literally get more than what they pay for.

How to download the app?

Google Play Store – Click here
Apple Play Store – Click here

For more information:

Website ( – Click here
Instagram (@ – Click here
Facebook (@ – Click here
TikTok – (@ – Click here

Contact – +94 11 7 617 517

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