Lani’s Afrobeat and Reggae inspired EP “Zion” brings motivation, positivity, love and strength to listeners around the world. The devotion of the musical artist to his family is at the heart of this EP as it bears the title of his son “Zion”. The Creole singer creates universally relatable songs across the world with beautiful themes, lyrics and melodies that will make you sing and dance no matter who you are or where you are from. Lani was born and raised in South East Melbourne, Australia. Her mother, from Seychelles, and her father, sister and brother from Mauritius, all lived together in a community where many overseas Creole residents resided. Lani’s Creole culture greatly contributed to his education. His father, being a musician himself, was the lead guitarist in a popular Creole group, with which Lani performed several times in his childhood. As a child, Lani was very shy and shy, however, when it came to performing, she showed her natural talent. She attended an elementary dance school at age 5, taking ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, hip-hop, song and dance, and theater lessons. She was even part of one of the first Sega dance groups in Melbourne, which allowed her to perform at many events representing the Seychelles. Lani’s love for singing comes from her father. She would perform alongside him at his concerts and as a soloist. From an early age, Lani knew that playing music was a dream she would love to make. Lani also has years of experience not only in front of the camera but also behind the scenes. Her success in film began to develop when she discovered a talent and passion for film editing. After graduating from high school in 2007 she started studying film and in 2008 Lani met a young man named Jarryd through friends she started dating and they became inseparable.

One of her greatest accomplishments throughout film school was one of her short films nominated for “Best Actress at a Film Festival” in Sydney and another from her short film “Silent Cry “won an award at the” Monash Youth Film Festival “. Shortly after Lani graduated with a bachelor’s degree in screen production in 2010, she had many successful businesses across many entertainment industries including film, photography, makeup, and Zumba dancing. Despite years of experience in successful film, photography, makeup and dance productions, Lani couldn’t help but want to return to the music industry. With an abundance of natural talent, Lani felt in her heart that fate was leading her to success in the world of music. At 21, Lani decided to return to her former voice teacher, Tania G, of the David Jaanz School of Singing. From there she developed singing techniques and began to shape her sound as a compelling artist. In 2013, Lani and Jarryd got married at the age of 23. At their wedding, Lani took her courage in both hands and sang a song to her during their reception. It was one of the most heartfelt moments, which made Jarryd become one of his biggest supporters.

Lani’s particular sound is originally influenced by the artist ‘Marina’ (formerly known as ‘Marina and the Diamonds’). Marina who shows positivity and life in her music is a great inspiration, and the first time Lani heard Marina on the radio, the uniqueness of her voice was “magical” and sounded like her own voice. Lani started writing songs, recording in a home studio, and making YouTube videos of her music and covers and began to create momentum in the music industry. One of the highlights of her career and the launch and debut of “Lani” was in 2014 when Lani released her 4-track debut EP titled “Heat of the Night”. The EP was launched in Melbourne City with a group and backup dancers organized by itself and was a huge success. In 2016, Lani started working with an independent label where she recorded several songs and music videos. Lani was delighted to be able to share her creative energy and passion for music with a team of people in relation to freelance work for a long time.

In January 2019, Lani gave birth to her first child, Sion. According to the artist, “Becoming a mom really put everything in perspective when it comes to her values ​​and her music.” Zion being just a newborn baby, she made the difficult decision to start again on her own independently and basically start from scratch. The thought of taking that step was very intimidating, so she took a step back and decided to start writing again. One day, Lani was on the play mat with Zion, a notepad and a pen. She wrote the words “My Light” on which the song began to appear. As she sang this song, Zion was smiling and laughing and she was using this as an indication that this was the special song she needed to produce. In September 2019, she recorded “My Light” with featured artist “Sazzy Alile”.

The song was released and premiered in November at the Jamaican Music and Food Festival Pre Party and was accompanied by The Push Reggae Band. At this event, Lani met leaders in the music industry including DJ Ragz, producer Pat Barallon, Masia One and many more. The event opened up opportunities for Lani as ‘My Light’ started to gain popularity within the international reggae community. In December, Lani filmed and released the music video for “My Light”. The release of the clip developed relationships which sponsored radio shows around the world and the broadcast of the clip to Africa where they warmly welcomed it and many fans began to spring up.

Since the initial success of ‘My Light’, Lani has started to be approached by opportunities in the music industry. From radio interviews and concerts around Melbourne, she began to gain recognition in the music industry. In March 2020, Mercy Entertainment, a label in the United States, approached Lani. According to Lani, she “found it hard to believe that in one year she went from fearful and unaware of the future of her music career of starting over from scratch, to signing a music label that believes in her talent and wants to work with her to make her dreams come true. ” She signed the contract and now works with a great team of like-minded people who are helping to advance her music globally.

Lani has now positioned herself in a formidable position for her creativity to flourish, building on the momentum of her previous success. On March 19, 2021, the EP “Zion” with Mercy Entertainment in association with Push Global Entertainment’s contract with The Orchard, a division of Sony Music Entertainment, released their 8-track EP containing songs with featured artists such as King Kiuh, Yami J and DJ Wade. This exciting Afrobeat and reggae / pop inspired EP is titled after her son ‘Zion’ who is the main inspiration for her to continue her passion to provide music to the world. Building on many successes in the entertainment industry and with her message of optimism, positivity and hope that has inspired her followers around the world, she is grateful and excited for what the future holds. .

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