Snax allows users to be a part of movie stories by giving them the opportunity to make choices and solve fun puzzles.

October 25, 2021 – Imagine stepping into a movie and experiencing it in real time. Now you can with Snax, a completely original interactive application that allows users to make their own choices and solve fun puzzles. Snax offers unlimited content and premium features to subscribers in English and French.

“With Snax, you can make decisions and go through difficult life scenarios for your avatar, such as falling in love, solving criminal puzzles, living fantasies and saving the world,” said a representative for Marmelapp. “Make your choices wisely… the future is in your hands!

With an eloquent combination of gameplay and storytelling, Snax lets you use your imagination. Currently, Snax offers eight interactive adventures with new episodes to come. Whether you are looking for a thrill or a nice distraction on your phone, Snax offers participation games for all users. Every ending with Snax is different and depends on the decisions users make.

Analyze fun and exciting fictional stories that match any mood you have. The latest Snax games in the works include Room 87, The Experiment, The Last Night, Cannibal Halloween, Marie Antoinette, and Vision (s), all of which bring their own twists and turns.

Founded in 2015, Maremelapp offers games beyond Snax, such as Picolo, which is a party experience where players have to answer questions and dare and has over five million installs, and Blaze, a game of daring. simulation adventure. The company’s mission is to entertain and engage people with impactful and engaging mobile applications. Jérome Boé, co-founder and CEO of Marmelapp, is a French IT specialist and focuses the Marmelapp brand on user engagement. Marmelapp’s apps are ranked in the top 100 in more than ten countries.

Be the first to try Marmelapp’s revolutionary new app, Snax, which will change the way the game works by centering the user. To learn more about Marmelapp, visit their website here or their page on google play and the Apple Store. Learn more about the all-new Snax experience by visiting the Apple app page here.

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