Just a few weeks ago, Kartik Aaryan was in the news for parting ways with Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions and it was revealed that he had been kicked out of the upcoming sequel to Dostana.

Several sources said it was because of his “unprofessional attitude” that the production house decided to end the chapter, and Karan vowed never to work with Kartik.

In a recent and yet shocking development, Kartik will no longer be part of Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chilies Entertainment production business which is tentatively titled, Freddie.

The film was meant to mark Kartik and Katrina Kaif’s first collaboration.

According to the entertainment website run by Komal Nahata Movie Information, “The main reason Kartik was removed from the film by producer Shah Rukh Khan is the same as that of Dharma Productions Dostana 2. This time, too, Aaryan wanted the script to be changed, having approved it when signing the film. Luckily for Red Chillies, the film hadn’t been shot on set, and as a result, there wasn’t much investment in the film, which otherwise would have been wasted. In the case of Dostana 2, Kartik had already been running for about twenty days. “

However, according to Bollywood Hungama, it is Kartik who chose to leave the film. A source cited the same reason, but also added that the script was previously told to her as a one-line plot.

The source said: “Apparently creative differences developed between Kartik and director Ajay Bahl due to which the actor decided to leave the project. Kartik was not happy with the script developed as it was different from what had been told to him as a one-line plot.

The source added: “Kartik Aaryan had signed with Red Chillies over two years ago. Recently Kartik turned for Dhamaka during the pandemic which was a thriller. After filming for Dhamaka, Kartik informed Red Chillies that he believes making another thriller so quickly wouldn’t be right for his career. He asked to withdraw and his request was considered. The separation was amicable between Kartik and Red Chillies.

Kartik also refunded the Rs. 2 crore signing amount to Red Chillies for the project.

After the news went public, people on social media lost their temper and they felt he was being targeted.

People criticize the Bollywood gang for slandering them and also want to hear their side of the story because they are not convinced by the one-sided narrative.

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Kartik Aaryan is no longer part of the © Twitter

Kartik Aaryan is no longer part of the © Twitter

Kartik Aaryan is no longer part of the © Twitter

Kartik Aaryan is no longer part of the
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