Santa Barbara, CA, Aug 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Launched today and available exclusively on the iPhone App Store, HearHere is a new audio entertainment app designed to let curious travelers discover people, places and the history of the country they pass through.

Featuring professional storytelling from Kevin Costner, Phil Jackson and a host of top vocal talent, the app is the brainchild of Woody Sears, entrepreneur and audio storytelling technologist, and Bill Werlin, former president of North Face. In addition to being a writer, editor and narrator on HearHere, Costner is also a co-founder of the company.

At launch, HearHere features over 1,500 stories spanning California, Oregon, and Washington. Over the next few months, HearHere will feature more than 10,000 stories spanning the United States from coast to coast.

“Since the dawn of time, stories have been the predominant means by which values, teachings and knowledge are passed from one generation to the next,” said Woody Sears, Co-Founder and CEO of HearHere. “With HearHere, we’ve created a platform that brings these stories together and makes them accessible to everyone, helping to preserve our tradition of oral storytelling. ”

How it works
As you travel, HearHere brings you stories based on your location and interests. Audio vignettes, typically 2-3 minutes long, combine to tell the story around you, painting a multidimensional picture the listener is unlikely to get from a story book or from. a visitor’s guide. HearHere answers the questions we all ask when the odometer is running:

  • “I wonder how this city came to be? ”
  • “Who is this mountain peak named after?”
  • “Who were the first people to live in this region?
  • “What is the history of this historic bronze terminal on the edge of the highway?”

Tailored content is based on the interests of the traveler with themes such as colorful characters, culture, history, local knowledge, music, natural wonders, places of special interest and sports. Location recognition enables automatic playback of nearby content for a hands-free experience.

Listeners can stream five stories for free. After the free trial, the annual subscription of $ 49.99 to HearHere is offered at the promotional price of $ 24.99 until August 31, 2020. The subscription includes offline listening for future or home listening.

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HearHere is an audio entertainment app for the curious road trip that shares the stories and history of the places they pass through and to – helping to preserve the tradition of oral storytelling. Launched in August 2020 with more than 1,500 stories for trips to the West Coast (California, Oregon and Washington), HearHere will publish more than 10,000 audio stories across the United States by summer 2021 with themes such as Colorful Characters, Culture, History, Local Insights, Music, Natural Wonders, Places of Special Interest and Sports. For a free trial of HearHere, download HearHere from the iPhone App Store or visit for more information.
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