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Akshay Kumar who is known for his comedic roles in Hera Pheri, Garam masala, Welcome, Hey baby and Full house fell flat in his recent comedies. His latest film Entertainment, meant to be a funny movie, turned out to be Enter’PAIN’ment! Attending a dog show would be a preferable option for those who are going to watch this movie purely because of the dog. Entertainment sees the start of a tickle of the bones, but as the movie progresses it begins to numb your funny bone. Also Read – Bigg Boss 15 To See These Major Changes In The Coming Season: Details Inside

Akshay Kumar, aka Akhil Lokhande, is shown doing catchpenny jobs to earn his daily bread. But this slum dog becomes a millionaire when he learns that his real father is a diamond dealer in Bangkok named Panalal Johri. But as soon as he learns about this thing, there is a news flash – “Panalal Johri Dead”. Also Read – Sooryavanshi Demands 100 Percent Screens During Diwali – What Happens To Marvel’s Eternals?

Akhil packs everything and moves to Bangkok to claim his share in the Rs. 3000 crore property. Enter Entertainment – the dog, who is now the sole heir of Akhil’s father’s property. The whole movie revolves around the crappy concept of how Akhil takes revenge on entertainment, how they get together and live happy lives forever.

Is this the Akshay Kumar movie that we want to see while wasting our hundreds of dollars? Entertainment is a mix of actor Hi baby (replace the baby with the dog), Welcome and many other comedies that we have seen in the past.

The only thing to appreciate in the movie was Krushna Abhishek; this guy has real talent. Every time he was on screen, the audience was having fun. Sonu Sood and Prakash Raj were wasted playing the role of two brothers ‘Karan and Arjun’ (obviously a version of the movie Salman Khan-Shah Rukh Khan Karan-Arjun.

Hottie Tamannaah Bhatia was only there to show off her flesh, which she did extremely well. Mithun Chakraborty disappointed again after his back-to-back flop performance in Chief and Cut. The little junior ‘Entertainment’ was charming in his role but his major scenes gave an impression of animation.

Let’s finish the exam in Entertainment style:

Film dekhne aana, bohat hasaunga

(Kyun Paresh Rawal hai you?)

Balaji Ki Kasam, bhi dikhaunga action

(Kyun Salman Khan hai you?)

Agar nahi dekhi, toh aur ek flop de dunga

(Kyun Akshay Kumar hai tu?).

Every time Akshay Kumar releases a decent movie, he follows it up with a flop movie. Full house, Action replay, Rowdy rathore, Joker, oh my God, Khiladi 786, and now Entertainment after the super shot Holiday.

Rating – 2/5.


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