launches children’s entertainment app Bedtime Stories with AI-generated storyteller

Melbourne, July 21, 2022 AEST (ABN Newswire) — Parents around the world will soon have a handy new app to keep their kids entertained for hours thanks to artificial intelligence company Crowd Media Holdings Limited (ASX: CM8) which has confirmed the launch of its Bedtime Stories app.

Families and Portugal and the United Arab Emirates will be the first to have access to Bedtime Stories with Crowd Media by securing mass distribution rights in those regions first. With these approvals, Crowd is in the process of localizing books in Portuguese and Arabic, but other languages ​​will be added as new territories are unlocked with customer subscriptions starting at EUR 4.00 per week.

In addition to these mobile network endorsements, Crowd has also secured similar endorsements in the Netherlands where they will be launching another entertainment-focused app, Astrology VIP. Once logged in with their mobile number, a user will be able to interact with the Astra digital avatar using voice commands to request a variety of astrology readings including horoscopes, tarot cards and numerology readings with a subscription from EUR 2.50 per week.

Both products were developed from Crowd’s Talking Head platform which uses AI to generate digital avatars capable of conversing with humans in real time. The launches in three different countries further highlight the platform’s capabilities to scale individual products into new regions and open revenue opportunities to new audiences.

“The distribution approvals of Bedtime Stories and Astrology VIP mark the successful integration of Talking Head technology into our subscription product line,” said Crowd Media CEO Idan Schmorak.

“Both entertainment products showcase the capabilities of our platform’s ability to convert text to audio-visual, while interacting with users in multiple languages, providing opportunities to scale the products into new markets.”

The launches come just three months after Schmorak unveiled Crowd Media’s updated roadmap for its Talking Head platform, which can generate digital avatars that look like real people. The detailed roadmap included core visual technology upgrades that still allow the platform to deliver interactive avatars using minimal bandwidth. For Bedtime Stories and Astrology VIP, both are browser-based and can be accessed on any computer or smart device without the need to download a third-party app.

Crowd Media will retain up to 80% of revenue generated from Bedtime Stories and Astrology VIP subscriptions, with the remainder shared with mobile networks.

In addition to being a major milestone in Crowd’s roadmap, the launches of Bedtime Stories and Astrology VIP will be the first conversational AI products Crowd will drive to consumers. Previous revenue-generating deals with PangeaMed, SourceFlare, and Impssbl were all corporate deals to access Crowd’s conversational AI technology.

Crowd Media is expected to release its June quarter results next week, but for the 9 months to March 31, 2021, the company recorded $4.9 million in customer revenue with positive cash flow of 0.02 million. of dollars.

2022 has long been referred to as the commercialization year for the Talking Head platform. This should include more subscription products before the end of the year as part of Crowd’s plans to expand the subscription division to more languages ​​and territories.

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Crown Media Holdings LimitedCrowd Media Holdings Ltd (ASX:CM8) (FRA:CM3) is an artificial intelligence company that leverages its AI platform for applications in conversational commerce.

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